Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last Son of Krypton

Trying to decide if I want to purchase a Cintiq or not. I know there are a fair amount of artist moving in this direction.

I have a Wacom which I use on a daily basis...coloring, design animation etc...typically I will sketch on paper and then scan that in. This was my first piece completely drawn digitally. Working with the PS brush settings.

It's a little tricky...because I am looking at the screen and not where my hand is going...when working on paper you can see where your hand is going...same with a Cintiq tablet...but I am not going to invest the money into a Cintiq tablet until I am confident in my 'Digital' sketching skills on my Wacom.

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socialtecharts said...

Had to make the same decision, never looked back in regret. I bought the 12 WX, because I have to travel a lot. My work has nothing to do with drawing, it's just a hobby. But I wanted to draw on a computer when I'm on the road... I also had a wacom Intuos 3 tablet, which I gave to a friends kid to play with (better then letting it lie around, right?); but drawing on screen makes a BIG difference. It makes much more fun!
Try a Cintiq from a friend, or buy one! That's my advice...