Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Joker a lot of great movies coming out this summer: Iron Man, the Dark Knight, The Hulk and Indiana Jones the the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Did I miss any?
This is a sketch based off of Ledger as the Joker. I might take a stab at sketching a few of the characters from the rouges gallery in this new franchise style...which is my favorite depiction of Batman thus far.


SACKS said...

Nice joker pic. I like the new posts you've been putting up. I love westerns as well. Any chance of seeing any 100 rifles illustrations. Burt Reynolds was mexican in that. one of my favs.

Jim Mehsling said...

Thanks Sacks. Checked out 100 rifles on IMDB and added it to the top of my Block Buster Que, Thanks for the tip-looking forward to checking that out...and drawing from it. A friend recently recommended One Eye jacks starring Marlon Brando, that was a great one. I'll be posting some from that soon.